When it comes to reproduction prints the standard varies greatly across the market! We take great care to assure that you are receiving the highest quality reproduction prints available on the market.

Capture Process:

Zach Even uses a premier, professional printing service who specializes in fine art reproduction. Originals are captured using a state of the art scanning camera, with a megapixel equivalent of 144 megapixel when compared to standard DSLR cameras (the highest end DSLR cameras are between 20-30 megapixel), using precisely controlled lighting.

-Sub-standard processes can use cameras with low megapixel counts and bad lighting, which makes it very difficult to reproduce a print that does the original justice.

Color Accuracy:

Using a premier print service who specializes in fine-art reproduction assures that all Zach Even prints maintain color accuracy that represents the original artwork and the artist's original vision very accurately.  The capture, color correction and printing process are all done by trained professionals with the highest quality equipment.

-Some art prints on the market are produced by printing services who spend a large percentage of their time producing newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, etc., and lack the attention to detail required for reproducing very good reproduction art prints.

Below is an image with color accuracy that matches the original almost precisely.

Some prints on the market can look fine to a customer at first glance, but if compared to the original work may lack the same richness, or vary greatly in color from the original. We do not tolerate this and expect our prints to match the original as much as technology allows! Below is an example of an image that is slightly off color (looks okay until compared to the original). These inaccurate images are not uncommon with personal printers or print services who do not specialize in fine-art.

Paper & Canvas:

Zach Even prints are printed on the highest quality papers and canvases available, using the highest quality inks and finishes. All materials are highly archival and will be around for generations to come.

-Some prints on the market are printed on materials and use inks that may change color or deteriorate over time.

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